My Reflections macro opens an Excel workbook and process all the data from it into a mainframe process.
This all works just fine but one usability issue I have in redisplaying the Reflection's mainframe screen once i've made the Excel workbook visible.

The macro is started from Reflections and when the macro after opening the Excel workbook it displays it (*.visible) and prompts the user to verify it is the correct workbook. The verification prompt is displayed via a msgbox() function however, this prompt displays on the Reflection's mainframe screen and the user cannot see it unless they manually switching to it. Note: this is still in testing and not a production macro as yet. I would think this is a very simple command/function to make the Reflection's screen visible but I've tried a number of ways only to error.
How do I made the Reflection's screen visible or how do I get the prompt to display on the Excel screen?

Any insights are appreciated!!