I am the only one, who does not like the new way to install or upgrade IDM 4.7 components?

As far as I found, the new installer is something different from anything we got before.

Fist of all the is no GUI option anymore. At least for the core components like engine, remote loader and iManager a GUI is not really needed, but I could guess there are some users who will miss it ;-)

But what I can not understand is the fact, that each component has to be installed / upgraded individually. In all IDM previous IDM releases it was possible in the console installation to select multiple components to be installed at the same time and I can not recall I saw any issues doing so.

The other thing I found is, that it is not possible to run the individual installation scripts (i.e. IDM/install.sh) anymore. Any intallation or upgrade has to be done by running the install.sh from the root of the installation media.

For my perspective this is not a convenient installation procedure anymore :-(

Kind regards,