this is my first impression installing the 4.7 Webapplications from scratch.

Like all the other installations there is no GUI option for the installation anymore. Regarding the installation this is not a real issue, but the configuration which is done through the script configure.sh started from the installation media is an other thing.

There are so many parameters to be configured that there will be the possible chance one or the other will be entered wrong. For example one question is popping up regarding the fact the default root context should be used. If this question is answered with no the installer is asking for an ldif file. If this one can not be provided, the configuration script has to be killed and started from scratch.

This is anything but convenient. Even using the console mode for installation, I really liked to have an GUI option for the configuration of the UA parameter. Especially the fact, that the GUI allows to browse the DN of the objects needed was really an good feature to avoid configuration errors.

For my perspective the 47 way to install the web apps is not as good, as the old one!

Kind regards,