With UserApp 4.6, as well as on Windows and Linux, tomcat log-rotating (using apache juli) for catalina, manager, host-manager and localhost does not work.
An empty logfile with timestamp is created at every UserApp start, but log entries are written to the base logfile only, resulting in a 200MB catalina.out
-rw-r----- 1 novlua novlua         0 Sep 26 10:05 catalina.2017-09-26.log
-rw-r----- 1 novlua novlua         0 Mar 21 13:34 catalina.2018-03-21.log
-rw-r----- 1 novlua novlua 234455583 Mar 26 15:21 catalina.out
idmapps.out is rotated by log4j. While this works on Linux, we have a 380MB file on Windows and no timestamped files.
02/16/2018  12:13 PM                 0 host-manager.2018-02-16.log
02/26/2018  07:28 AM                 0 host-manager.2018-02-26.log
02/27/2018  11:09 AM                 0 host-manager.2018-02-27.log
03/26/2018  06:32 AM                 0 host-manager.2018-03-26.log
02/26/2018  09:00 AM       396,992,876 idapps.out
06/08/2017  05:09 PM                 0 localhost.2017-06-08.log
How can we get thoses files rotated?

And out of curiosity: Why is the UserApp using up to three log-rotate agents (juli for catalina, log4j for idmapps , logrotate.d for OSP)?