Hi Guys,
first i want to say that i am new to both the reflection software and also vb6 and ActiveX. What im trying to do, is binding the IBM 3270 Terminal as an ActiveX Control into my vb6 application. Now i am a bit confused. I am using Reflection 16.1 and in the older VBA Guides (for Reflection 14.X) there are some examples for doing that. But in the newer Guide for 16.x, where they have a new attachmate library, i cant find any example or activeX control for binding it into my application.

I have an ActiveX Control on my VB6 Application where i binded the Reflection for IBM Control. In my IDE, i have added the references:

- "Attachmate_Reflection_Objects (1.0)"
- "Attachmate_Reflection_Emulation_IbmHosts (1.0)"
- "Attachmate_Reflection_Emulation_OpenSystems (1.0)"
- "Attachmate_Reflection_Objects_Framework (1.0)"
- "Reflection for IBM Control 1.0 Type Library"
- "Reflection for IBM Sessions (16.1)"

I have already accomplished to create a Reflection Session within my VB6 Application via the "Attachmate_xxx" Libraries (Application Object, Frame, View, Terminal). But how can i make the Terminal visible within my ActiveX control inside my own application? Isnt the only thin i have to do is initialize my own Control with the activeX control in the Reflection API like:
Set myOwnActiveXControl = ActiveXControlFromReflection ?

My own Controls type is IRibmCtrl. I also found out, that there is a R8AXCTRLLib Library with an RibmCtrl object. But what is the trick now?

Sorry, i am really new to this all and have no experience. It would be very great if somebody could help!