I have been working on setting up the Service Desk product in my environment off and on for a few months now. Since 7.5 was released I decided to start over after learning a lot on my last setup. I was able to get LDAP connected and started syncing users/groups. I also got the initial ZENworks connection started. When I attempt to configure the ZENworks DB server for my ZSD to connect to I get a Database Connection Failed. I struggled with this on version 7.4 and ran out of time before I could solve this.

I am running an External Sybase DB on its own server. I have connected to this db outside of this process before and have both the DB and Audit DB credentials saved. I am either placing the wrong information in for this connection Or have some other issue I hope one of you that has setup this might be able to help me get resolved.

ZSD7.5 Appliance
ZENworks Setup:
Identify: ZP1
Type: Sybase Anywhere
Host: DNS Name of my zendb server (have tried IP in the past with no luck)
Port: 2638
Name: zenworks_admin
Username: zenadmin
Password: one used in the past to connect using the sybase db tools.
Schema: dbo
Catalog: zenworks_ (Have also treid zenworks_admin)

My ZCM server setup was an all in one non-appliance server that I ported over the DB to the external sybase version to improve performance. I have been running two Primary servers and the external db for a few years now.

I followed the online docs on this and haven't been successful yet. Any Ideas on what I might be missing?