Not using the Azure driver yet
Currently on 4.5 but moving to 4.7


First scenario --- the user's password is out of range --- so we get a removal of the entitlement trying again with a msg appended of " The password is invalid. Choose another password that contains 8 to 16 characters, a combination of letters, and at least one number or symbol."

second scenario -- the account isn't associated to the right user... so no association is present, a remove entitlement generates a msg on the subscriber of "Code(-8032) Operation vetoed by policy."

When these msg operations come through and it retries, it constantly fails and loops transactions are building up on the driver. 300k + transactions on the account over the weekend.

To clear these out we did a veto if the xpath matched these result msg values.


With the Azure driver will we see the same issues

What other msg values might come through that we might need to be aware of?