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Thread: User Application not contained in an Identity Vault

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    User Application not contained in an Identity Vault

    I've seen this problem for a long time in Designer 4.5, 4.6, and still in 4.7. It seems to affect both Windows and Linux versions. I open up a project, right click on an individual PRD, and select Deploy or Compare and I get a dialog box that states:

    "The Driver named 'User Application' is not contained in an Identity Vault. Cannot Proceed"

    With just an Ok button. But the User Application driver is indeed in a vault. If I go up to the User App driver level and do a Compare or Deploy, it works perfectly and the PRDs deploy. But I cannot deploy an individual PRD, I get that error dialog. Sometimes after working for a while in a project, it will go away and then I can deploy individual PRDs again. But I have no idea what fixes it!

    I've spent some time trying to figure out what makes it go away, but I have been unable to. I've seen it in both the NCP an LDAP versions of Designer.

    I'm just getting tired of it and wondering if anyone else has seen this? What am I doing to cause this in my projects? Is it really just me?

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