Hi. I have a question regarding clustering eDirectory 8.8.8 on Windows. I eventually need to get to 9.0.x, but first need to get 8.8.8 up and running.

What I am encountering is, eDir was originally installed with x.x.x.11 as an IP, this was the servers IP. I then followed a KB article I found to change the IP on windows via the config.acs file. I changed the IP to the cluster resource address x.x.x.23. When i try to start edir with the x.x.x.23 address, i can see it listening via netstat, but ndscons.exe (with the addr option) tells me it isn't running, and via iManager I can see the server is down. I've tried this using clustering and also setting the nic to use the x.x.x.23 ip and disabling clustering, both have the same result.

If I change the IP in the config.acs file back to x.x.x.11, with or without clustering, edir starts up fine.

My question is, is there more to changing the IP on Windows than just the config.acs file? Or is there something I am overlooking? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you