Has anyone run into issues with upgrading a 4.6 version of IDM to 4.7 on a Suse 12 server with multiple eDirectory instances? The binaries seem to get installed but when the installer asks for credentials it keeps coming back saying it the credentials are invalid. I have turned on ndstrace and don't even see the install trying to connect to eDirectory either through LDAP or NCP. I am assuming it is not finding the correct instance. Also, neither NCP instance is running on port 524.

After breaking out of the install and re-running it, it sees the Identity Engine as being upgraded. I move on to iManager and get the same issue. After trying on all components, I still get an error with credentials. I have tried all varieties of syntaxes (LDAP, NDS, short, long, etc etc) and none of them work.

I have also seen errors in the log stating that it can't resolve the tree name.

I have also tried configure.sh and to goes through to the point up updating the schema and then I get an error stating the configuration failed with exit code 1 but no explanations of what exit code 1 is or what it was trying to do.