I have SSPR 3.3.16 (yes, I know it's old but can't upgrade until this summer) and I'm seeing some odd behavior. We have some users who are changing passwords in SSPR but it does not show up in the SSPR history. When I look in eDirectory, the pwmLastPwdUpdate value has not been updated but the pwdChangedTime shows the correct timestamp. This does no seem to be consistent and appears to be a sporadic issue but I'm having difficulties narrowing down possible sources/causes. Most of my testing attempts to replicate the issue have not succeeded in causing the issue. From what I can tell, the pwmLastPwdUpdate attribute is part of the SSPR schema in eDir and that attribute gets updated first and then the pwdChangedTime is an eDir system attribute that gets updated next. If users are changing passwords in SSPR, how would the pwdChangedTime update but not the pwmLastPwdUpdate? Is this a random bug in SSPR 3.3.16 that we never noticed until the last week or two? Is there a setting in SSPR that I can check to validate that these attributes are being written to correctly? We do have a clustered SSPR environment so it could be that one server has a different configuration setting than the other but I just don't know where to look. Any help would be greatly appreciated.