Currently the school district uses GMail for Students and GroupWise 2014 for Staff. We deploy both G-Suite and Office 365 to both staff and students. I thought I had things setup to send e-mail from any of the apps, like password resets or OneNote notifications, to the external mailbox instead of the Exchange mailbox. It seems like I am getting a inconsistent result with my current setup and some e-mail gets lost both with the staff members and students. I have tied working with a few forums dealing with Office 365 and keep getting the migrate to Exchange as the response.

We have no plans at this point to make that kind of move. I am hoping someone here has setup an Office 365 Tenant and either has a link they can share or information on what I might have set wrong to get this working with GroupWise. My guess is what ever I have setup incorrectly will start working with GMail once I get GroupWise working as expected. My GroupWise to GMail communications doesn't seem to be a problem.

I have tried turning off the Exchange section in product license for all. And Turn it on for all. I get the same results either way. I am sure it is something simple but can't seem to find it.

Thanks for any help provided.