Hi guys,

I am struggling really a lot with new IDM 4.7 and with distributed installation.
I do not comment installation of UserApp. Installer installs everything (postgres, sspr, osp,...) on the one server without asking but OK. We can simply do not need to use it and configure UserApp later. But I did not find a way how to install e.g. tomcat from IDM 4.7 media only and install SSPR only there. Also from installation media. It was super convenient in the previous versions of IDM. And also no comment to uninstaller which destroys everything what you have previously done. ..."good work" NetIQ.
The most painful thing is configure.sh
Did you someone try to configure IDM 4.7 UserApp to use existing driverset? I mean second driverset what you can have in your environment. We have few driversets in our IDM implementation and on of these driversets is used for UserApplication and other simple drivers.
Basically as an example, we have driverset2 on the lnxsrv2 where IDM 4.7 engine is installed too. eDirectory running on this server is rw replica of the lnxsrv1 where IDM 4.6.2 is running and drivers are in driverset1.
When I start configure.sh from the IDM 4.7 installation media, one of the steps is to define driverset name and path where the driverset will be placed. So I set driverset2, then path to driverset container and finish the installation/configuration process.
After, I open iManager and surprise! Driverset2 is without assigned server, all existing drivers are (of course) in undefined state and new UserApplication drivers are without configuration at all.

Did you try to install new IDM 4.7 in distributed environment too? Do you have similar issues? How do you deal with it?