at first I am unsure if things I did are supported. When migrating an IDM 4.5.1 to IDM 4.7 we also need to "reinstall" SLES. So we installed a brand new SLES 12 SP3 server and installed IDM 4.7 (eDir 9.1) onto this server. After that I joined the eDir 9.1 into the tree of the IDM 4.5.1 installation (eDir 8.8.x). After that was sucessfully I added the new server (which has IDM version 4.7) to the driverset of the old server (which has IDM 4.5.1).

Now I get an NullPointerException while trying to import the driverset into a Designer 4.7. The exception occurs within the method "lookupEngineVersionByInternalID" which makes me feel that the above way is not supported?! Do I also need to upgrade IDM 4.5.1 to 4.5.6 before?