I have PAM installed and am trying to upgrade to I have the correct user/password in Package Manager but when I select "Check for Updates" in Package Manager and then view /opt/netiq/npum/logs/unifid.log, I see:
Tue Apr 10 14:16:14 2018, 488, 887838464, 4385, Warning, Failed to receive package list from https://nu.novell.com/PUM/packages/Engine/package.idx 404(Not Found)

Is https://nu.novell.com/PUM/packages the correct URL? According to https://www.netiq.com/documentation/...s.html#bldg8nh it should be.

If I try to download any of the updated packages, I get:
Tue Apr 10 14:17:23 2018, 490, 894240512, 4385, Error, Failed to retrieve package archive from https://nu.novell.com/Module/cmdctrl...x86_64-2.6.pak 404(Not Found)

Of course, PAM says all packages have been successfully updated which is incorrect: