I'm confused why the binaries are layed down for OSP when installing reporting. Most production environments would have clustered Identity Application servers. Documentation for reporting still indicates that it can't be clustered and must reside on it's own server, which makes sense anyway. Since OSP would be installed on the Identity Application servers I'm confused why the osp binaries are put on the box. I have seen this for the silent install as well. Although there is a parameter that asks in the silent install if OSP is installed, even if I put false, binary is layed down. There isn't a choice with the custom non-silent install.

Also, when doing the silent install, it has the admin user name listed in dot format, admin.sa.system. Not sure why that would be as we are not connecting over ncp. It has another parameter for LDAP admin and that is in comma delimited FDN. <Maybe user error, but pretty sure I saw it on the silent.properties file>

I see a problem in that if you are using a non-root instance where your Identity Vault is using a high port, that you have to specify the IDENTITY VAULT server as being the <ipaddress>:<ldap ssl high port> when you are running the configupdate.sh on the reporting server. Even though you update the high port in the configupdate.sh.properties file, it does not read this in. The install created the drivers just fine when connecting into the vault.

Do the OSP sso parameters need filled in on the reporting box when OSP isn't configured there? What parameters don't need filled out on the reporting box with only reporting and OSP being external?