I guess this falls more into Michael Mychalczuk's domain...

To be blunt, what the hell is going on?

Over the past 12 to 18 months we have noticed a drastic decline in the quality of products released by NetIQ, specifically across the security stream (IDM, Sentinel, Access Manager, eDirectory, etc). The change has been noticable and dramatic, so something has changed or begun to fail in a significant manner.

Alone I have 22 SR's currently open with the majority linked to a bug of some description. The majority of those bugs are not related to some bizarre way we're using the product, but basic core functionality of the product (I'm not going to put specific examples in this post, I consider it a wider issue than that).

When Product Managers tell me that they have strong Testing and Quality Assurance for their products, I just have to laugh. "Quality Assurance" is supposed to mean that NetIQ assures the customer that the product is of high quality and has been tested to behave as documented, which is just simply not the case anymore.

Too much emphasis has been placed on shoehorning new features into products with little to no validation that the core functionality has not been compromised.

On a slight side note, the timing of these issues could not be worse. The State Government is in the process of reviewing the ICT roadmap with emphasis on the IDM, Access, and Security/Privilege components. As part of this review, questions are being asked about product cost and suitability. The process has already begun in earnest with various vendors presenting their products. Having poor functioning products come out of NetIQ is making other vendors look more attractive, despite NetIQ being the incumbent.

It never used to be this bad, what has gone wrong?