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    Question Test user failed.

    Hi setting up my first SSPR Server.

    Treat me gently eDir is something i use but don't know as much as I should about.

    I've created my proxy user, given them what i thought was appropriate access extended the schema ok.... Everything seemed to be going fine. Then I hit this error for the test user.... It's in the containter that i gave the sspr server access to. We have multiple containers just using this one and it says add extra once it's all installed so that's fine. So it all seems ok but i've done something wrong I guess with permissions when setting up my proxy user.

    This is the screenshot of the error. OK it will only let me do that from a url he's a copy and paste of the screen.

    LDAP Test User (Optional)
    SSPR can periodically check the connection to your LDAP directory. To perform these checks, SSPR needs a test user account configured. This user account should be created amongst typical user accounts in the LDAP directory.
    SSPR will modify the password of the test user account and perform other operations to verify the configuration and the directory's health. Many configuration settings can also be validated during this process.
    This setting is optional but recommended. If you do not wish to configure a test user at this time, you can leave this setting blank for now and configure it later.
    Example: cn=SSPR-Testuser,o=example

    LDAP Test User DN
    cn=sspr-test,ou=***,o=*** Browse

    LDAP WARN Setting LDAP ⇨ LDAP Settings ⇨ NetIQ eDirectory ⇨ eDirectory Settings ⇨ Read User Passwords is enabled, however unable to read test user LDAP ⇨ LDAP Directories ⇨ default ⇨ Connection ⇨ LDAP Test User password due to error error reading nmas password: error -1659; check eDirectory proxy user LDAP permissions and eDirectory password policy configurations
    LDAP Test User (Optional)

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