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    hi, regarding sso in IE11:
    as far as i understand from publicly available documentation there are two ways to let securelogin interact with Internet Explorer Browser Helper Objects or Web Browser Extensions (see: https://www.netiq.com/documentation/...6.html#bknrtvn).
    BHO to my knowledge is the older technique. Does this mean that turning that off is the preferable [modern] option with IE11?

    I am asking that because we use BHO since ages, and we know it (e.g. sso startup-script is checking if it's enabled for the current user) ... . Since it hampers navigation (see: Performance Issues When Internet Explorer Is Working In Protected Mode from: https://www.netiq.com/documentation/...easenotes.html) i am thinking of maybe change that with the new 8.6 going into production. On the other hand, we got a big number of (web) applications supported by securelogin. to test (most, if not all of them) proactively would be quite an effort.

    So: is there experience 'from the wild' with using IESSOBHO=0? Are there other benefits or maybe drawbacks, like, performance impacts, .. known to you?

    thanks for any guidance, florian
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