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Thread: Open and Open with issue

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    Open and Open with issue

    Hi there,
    I have an issue with Micro Focus GroupWise 14 in Windows 10 enviromment,trying to open the image files attached, if I use double-click to open it, system ask me which program I want to use, but I have already a predetermined one, in fact if I put the images attached in the desktop I can use double-click and it does work. I have saw that if I use right button on the image attached in the menu doesn't appear "Open" just "Open with".

    Could anyone gently help me with this?
    Many thanks in advance

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    Re: Open and Open with issue

    Hi Domin,

    I recommend you post your question in this forum: https://forums.novell.com/forumdispl...299-GW-Clients - it is dedicated to GroupWise client issues and you are far more likely to get answers there.

    Laura Buckley

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