Best to Add/Remove Apps and Patch post restore.....
Not really a ZENworks thing...but MS really broke quite a few thing with imaging in Windows least in regards to how they used to work.

I would also recommend to start looking at WinPE based imaging vs Linux Based imaging.....
Using WinPE, you can still use the familiar ZCM imaging commands and ZMG files but will add faster new hardware support.

From will be a smaller step to start doing some of the newer imaging methods via ZENworks...such as what is basically a scripted OS install....that MS is trying to push.

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two weeks ago I started to try deploying win10 with Zenworks. We used Zenworks imaging for about 4 years with Win7 without any problems, but when I started now with Win10, I also ran into the problem with the spinning dots.
I tried it with a VMWare master machine and a physical one. In both cases the same problem. I finally only made an image from a machine in audit mode, without any changes to it. I made an image and loaded it down at the same machine, the machine ran into the running dots. Is still no solution available, so that imaging with zen will work again?
@tpicrum: Did you find out which app is responsible for this problem?
E. Gruber