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This is working as designed. There is only the one approval work task, so whether its a group or individual the task has 1 id.... Even though you've customized all recipient emails, they still link to the single task.... The moment one of them claim the task, the other's can not see it (unless working with quorums).
If I use the $TASK_DETAILS$ i will get different id for each user. It is this id I need.

An example from the emails from two different users when I use the TASK_DETAILS token on the mail template :

IDMProv/approvalForm.do?weId=5fcce78cc25a42e4bb9a97ac72bd5 9b0&aqua=true&js....SNIP
IDMProv/approvalForm.do?weId=53f7d83a31204252ad8f29df677e6 f47&aqua=true&....SNIP

They are getting sent when they both receive the same approval task.

If i pull out workentries with SOAP for the users i can also find those IDs.