In article <>, John Gill
> ... moved my timesync to my secondary DNS server, a VM, and I have
> not had any time sync issues since.

As all the OES/eDir boxes partake in timesync, that doesn't directly
make much sense (might have in NetWare days, but thats not where you
said we are).
Timesyncronization is all through NTP, so if in a terminal session of
each of the servers you type
rcntp status
you will see where they are pointing to and the step beyond that, along
with other useful data on the stability of each of the ntp servers this
server is pointing to.
I typically try to have a pair of physical boxes (often part of the
backup systems or Networking gear, they don't have to be Micro Focus
boxes) as the main NTP source locally(i.e. They get from outside and
share internally) and have all the VMs point to them.

>John (things that go bump in the night) Gill

Does this mean you are one we can blame when we hear those bumps, or
that you want to track all those occurrences we might share with you ;)

Andy of in Toronto
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