Running 2 dns/dhcp servers as VM's with SLES11 sp3 with OES11 sp2. DNS and DHCP have been working perfectly for a number of years.

One of my windoze servers now has the following issue. I config DCHP to issue a reserved IP ( for the server. I restart the DHCP with "rcnovell-dhcpd restart" and plug the network cable into the port. All is good as the server gets an IP, mask, gateway, tree etc etc...

I go to the DNS/DHCP java console and manually add the name and IP address to the domain and in-addr-arpa zones and nslookup and pings work to the server... all is still good. Now, anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours later, users phone to save the server is unreachable. I look in the console and the name entry is there but the IP address has disappeared from the domain zone. The IP and name still exists in the in-addr-arpa zone.

I then delete the name from the domain zone and re-add the entry and restart the dns service (rc-novell-named restart) on both servers and all is good for a while and then the same issue starts again .... endless loop.

I have restarted both DNS servers and the problem server, but still no joy. eDir is 100% and so is NTP. Ideas and suggestions would be most welcome.