Good morning

We have a location, with a 3 node cluster, still running OES 2 SP3 (yes I know) with that said Node(s) 2 and 3 are functioning without any issues, and we can migrate/move Resources between those two nodes without any issues. However; Node 1 when we move a Resource to that Node it moves the Resource without any issue, shows as Running in Cluster Status, but no one is able to browse to that Volume any longer. Windows gives an error like that location that your attempting to browse is no longer available (Something of that nature).

When browsing to that servers /media/nss directory there is nothing else there, like /media/nss/[my volume name]
Novell Cluster Services is loaded/running
NSS is loaded/Running
ndsstat returns a loaded/running state

We're going to try to Force the Master IP Address to move so that we can refresh eDirectory (shutting down the Node that currently hosts the Master IP Address) and then take a look at the load.out scripts to see if anything might be missing on Node 1.

Any other thoughts/Suggestions?

Thank you,