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Thread: Automatic Session Disconnection

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    Automatic Session Disconnection


    Need an example on how to configure the automatic session disconnection based on the command risk.
    If I am in the pcksh shell, and launch the kill command, for example, then exactly what do I need to do?
    Have tried to put the kill command in command risk and specified the risk as 1 and added the Auto Disconnect option. But that does not work.

    I already have something which blocks the kill command using the illegal commands script.


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    Re: Automatic Session Disconnection

    Hi there,

    I'm glad you asked! Please take a look through TID 7022237 - How to configure cpcksh with Enhanced Access Control (EAC) for complete session control and command risk. The steps for EAC are not necessary (although cool), as you have blocked the execution of the command with the illegal commands script as you described. Step 3 covers the Command Risk Auto Disconnect feature with an example for the "passwd" command. For more information on that configuration, please refer to Disconnecting the Session Automatically Based on Risk Level Settings from documentation. One key thing to note is where it states:

    For a pcksh session: the disconnect based on the risk can happen either when the command /usr/bin/pcksh -o audit 1 or /usr/bin/pcksh -o audit 2 is defined in the Rewrite field for the Commands object, or when the Enhanced Access Control Policy script is added.
    Without usage of EAC, then you'll need to specify a Command Rewrite for pcksh where the Command Control Audit level is set to 1, which enables an additional level of audit to use with the Command Risk [pcksh - Session Management]. For steps on configuring Rewrite, please refer to Modifying a Command.

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