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I think management does need some education.
We are living in a world where somethings do break down. Even in the
cloud you can have a break down.

If they can not have an 2 hour interruption of service, they need to
get their wallet and give you the money to build a bomb free, solid as
rock it enviroment.

Mean while, make contact with your ISP and get an modem with failback
G4 capability with maintaining ip addresses. And that money, get
yourself a nice holiday i would suggest.

> We lost one of our 2 isp connections last week, it cut off our mobile
> users, management freaked. We had to change our firewall and public dns
> to put it on our second isp, took 2 hours. As a result management wants
> alternatives to prevent future outages.
> Our best idea so far is to get a server into a cloud with multiple
> connections to our network. My research is pointing to Azure since they
> will host Sles.
> If if you have any experience or ideas I? really hope you?l share.
> thanks