On 7/23/2018 6:24 AM, ddnicholls wrote:
> Thanks Lothar, as ever that is valuable input.
> It has been pointed out to me by someone who knows a bit more about the
> mechanics of IDM that I do (a big club by the way) that whilst my
> migrate query returns a "status"document, a query from an AD driver
> returns an "instance" document, so given that, its not surprising the
> response gets no further than the Input Transform.
> So if I want to continue with this testing method I need to write a
> policy that transforms a status to an instance, so it gets processed all
> the way down the channel.

A migrate into IDV, sends a Query doc. The results (<instance> docs)
gets converted (based on src-dn and associations) into <sync> documents
for each coming down the pub flow.

So yes, you should return a <instance> for a <query> if there is a
result. A <status> response means 0 results.