So we had a major crash of our 2012 GW system in December - it was running on Linux. We recovered but it took us too long and part of that was we just don't have the expertise in Linux and it took us a long time researching each step we needed to do to get back going again - and this was during our busiest time of the year. We decided we wanted to move GW to a windows server where we felt recovery would be easier and where we have more knowledge of the OS and once that was done and stable we will upgrade to 2014 too. So we did that last Friday. A 2012 R2 server - and people will probably guess - the clients connecting to it are very sluggish. The gwia runs fine, webmail is great - very responsive. C/S is pretty horrible. The server itself has plenty of resources and is not getting taxed at all. It has plenty of memory, cpu and the disk is fast - we have narrowed it down to be some sort of network issue - but with no solution (copying files across the network from / to this server is also fine). We have seen plenty of complaints about 2012 having some issue like this, some speculation maybe to do with their update for meltdown?. We decided we will try running a separate 2012 POA somewhere else and see if that helps - maybe a 2008 r2 server will do better - I have that set up but haven't moved anyone but myself there so far. It is more responsive - but since I am the only one on it right now I don't know if that will change when more people connect. We have 1 domain, 1 po and about 400 users.

Any other suggestions?