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The issue is the IPHelper Tables were not updated to forward your PXE DHCP Requests to the appropriate Proxy DHCP ZCM Imaging Server when the switches were replaced.
The ZCM Imaging Server can then deliver the correct boot files based upon the devices hardware.

If you can't get the IPHelper updated on the switches, you may be able to enable Imaging Sat Servers that do not rely upon the switches.....this could also have the benefit of reducing network load for restoring images.

Hi Craig,

Thanks for the quick reply, I reckon you are on a winner with that one and feeds my original finger pointing to the culprit.
I`m going to try and get in contact with Network Ops within the department to take a look. Have copied and pasted Novells generic IP-Helper suggestions for PXE and DHCP running on a different servers for them.

Will get back to this thread once I have some changes happening.

Thanks again.