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    MS Edge Support


    we are in the process to migrate to Windows 10.
    And in this process I think we will be not the only one's thinking about the question "which browser will be the preferred when using Windows 10?".

    Mostly we think "we want to use a 'modern' browser" such as MS Edge!

    But we will need automated Login Support in this Browser - and we will prefer SecureLogin for this (because we are using this solution since years...).

    Greg Domjan wrote some points about this here:

    My Questions:
    @Greg: You wrote "We are continuing discussion with MS to work towards..."

    => Is there something new which may us hope that we'll get a "SecureLogin solution" for MS Edge in the future?

    our Company policy (at the moment) will deny installing Apps from the MS Store.
    (I think that MicroFocus customers with eDirectory and not using AD want usually to go this way.)

    => Will there be a solution to use an MS Edge Support from SecureLogin without installing anything from the MS Store?

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