with GroupWise 18 the search in a personal address books always returns all entries as search results.

This error can be reproduced as follows:

1. Personal address book with several entries
2. Run the following VBScript:

Dim gwappl
Dim gwacc
Dim gwAddressBooks
Dim gwAddressBook
Dim gwAddressBookEntries
Dim gwAddresses
Dim filter

Set gwappl = CreateObject("Novellgroupwaresession")
Set objShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")

Set gwacc = gwappl.Login
Set gwAddressBook = gwacc.AddressBooks(3)
Set gwAddressBookEntries = gwAddressBook.AddressBookEntries

msgText = ""
search = "Hirsch"
filter = "(<Name> MATCHES """ & search & """)"
Set gwAddresses = gwAddressBookEntries.Find(filter)
if not gwAddresses is nothing then
msgText = CStr(gwAddresses.Count) & " address book entries found"
msgText = "No address book entries found"
end if

objShell.Popup msgText, infinite, "Field Tester for '" & gwAddressBook.Name & "'"
Set gwacc = Nothing
WScript.Quit 0

3. Output with which all entries are displayed as hits.

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