After update some of my devices to 17.3 client I started having blue
screens when just on Wifi. I had this problem in the past so I
immediately checked what caused the problem last time. In the
c:\windows\system32\drivers directory I see that zeswifi.sys is version the old version that was backed up during the upgrade is
version I am not sure if other ZES driver files reverted back.

I had a clean install with no errors but ended up with the 11.3 version
of zeswifi.sys. Even the two old backup of the file in the folder are
newer. I had a similar downgrade issue with 17.2 so I have fixed this
at least once after 17.2.

Any ideas where such an old version is coming from?

What I see for versions:

Jim Koerner
Server - ZCM 2017 Update 3 Appliance
Clients - ZCM on Win10/1803x64