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Your subject calls out NoClassDefFound but I do not see that anywhere; is
that means to be a question about the possibility, or are you seeing that
somewhere else?

My first guess would be that something about the upgrade is incomplete.
NoSuchMethodError happens when you have the class you need, but usually it
is an old class, or maybe it is new and a function has been deprecated, so
something trying to run it fails unable to find a method, thus the error.

Where this is an upgrade I would therefore guess either you have an
incomplete upgrade (missing a new JAR providing the function), or you have
an incomplete upgrade where the class making the call was not updated and
it thinks something else, something old, should still be there. Either
way, can you try with iManager Workstation, or another test system that
may be new?

I doubt this can be traced back to your kernel, other than the likelhood
of a kernel patch causing a reboot, meaning everything on the box was
restarted. If the kernel patch also included a new version of the JRE, or
Tomcat, or other iManager patches, then that may be valid, but that's just
coincidence/correlation, not causation on the kernel.

Good luck.

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Make that "java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.novell.naudit.util.Util.getPrivateKeySpec".

The upgrade was installing iManager 3.1.1 to replace iManager 2.7.x that no longer runs for more than a few minutes since the August SLES11 Sp4 patches were installed.

Where does com.novell.naudit.util.Util.getPrivateKeySpec come from?

No, can't try iManager Workstation, as this is a server box whose only purpose is to run iManager for people to use. Don't have another test system handy, as this *is* the test system. Production is still on iManager 2.7.x, which needs to be upgraded as well.