I have two sites handled in one application with almost identical loginmasks (only the Click # changes).

SetPrompt "Username:"
   TextInput   #1:1 -value "$Username"
   SetPrompt "Passwort:"
   TextInput   #1:2 -value "$Password"
   Click #4
If there is no username or password already stored then:
On one site it works fine (i get asked to input new Username and Password).
On the other site i get BROKER_NO_SUCH_VARIABLE(-112) Error, but if i interact with $username or $password in anyway beforhand and outside of the Sub it works.
For example if i first do:
If $Username Eq ""
If $Password Eq ""
I get asked to enter the variable $username and $Password

I use two Sub routines, one for each site, only difference in them is Click#4 changes to Click#2
The sites get detected correctly and call the correct Sub.
It works on both sites if the username and password have values in them.
The Sso Version is 8.1.1 Build2, but we are about to upgrade to 8.6.1, but from our testenvirement the site is not reachable.

Is there another solution other than keeping the workaround code in the application?