don't know how to describe it any better.

I suspect this is a Windows problem not a Novell/OES problem but I'm hoping someone here has seen similar behaviour and knows the simple tweak that will fix it.

Here's the symptom that alerted me to the problem.

We have two servers running. One is the actual working server. The other is a complete mirror of the first, updated daily with a complete backup of 1 to 2.
That system has been working reliably for 5 years.

Since I rebuilt my Windows workstation (to version 1803) a couple of weeks ago, which contains and runs the backup software, I've seen this unusual behaviour.

After the rebuild, it worked for the first week or so.

Came in this morning and noticed that it had failed, with the backup software showing that it had been unable to access the reserve network.

Fired up my file browser and I found that I too could not access any of the partitions on the second server.

I was about to restart the server but I took a look at it and it looked completely normal and I couldn't see any faults logged.

So I went back to my file browser and, instead of trying to read a partition on the second server, I just typed in the root. That came up as normal, showing all the partitions, all of which were now accessible. Problem solved.

Except that I have no idea why they became inaccessible in the first place and I'd rather it didn't happen again! It looks like some kind windows timeout (a bit like when it sends a hard drive to sleep). But all such settings that I'm aware of, on the workstation, are disabled precisely because I do not want the workstation sleeping at any time for any reason, as it runs a whole bunch of maintenance tasks (mainly overnight).

So has anyone got any idea what setting might have caused the above behaviour and where I need to go to disable it?