In article <>, Dchunt wrote:
> The thing is, this had been working fine for months before applying the
> OES 2018 updates to the server last Thursday so it is possible that some
> patch that came out from the beginning of September to the beginning of
> October is causing this.
> Anyone else seeing this?

Nope. Checked an XP vm that has been logged in over the weekend on an
OES2018 box that was patched and rebooted 20 days ago, with no new patches
in the queue. I could easily go open/create/edit files on the server.
It is the first OES2018 server, most of the rest are still OES2015 at this
point in case that makes a difference.

> Anyone else forced to keep XP running because some researcher purchased
> software that only runs on XP but is needed to interface with expensive
> lab equipment they can't get rid of?

- Managing an Airconditioner that was bought just over a year ago that
needs older Java than will run on Win7
- its the vm a client installed some software that can't readily have its
license moved to a newer Windows.

How about a where lab old testing equipment was bought cheap that didn't
even have standard RS232 serial capability, now go make it work.....

Andy of in Toronto
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