On 10/19/2018 8:14 AM, CRAIGDWILSON wrote:
> Yes.
> Most Vendors BIOS related patches support command line switches for
> automation.
> I know Dell, HP, and Lenovo all support it.
> Bundles can be built to target the specific models, check to see their
> version of BIOS, and push if necessary.
> It would even be possible to report on BIOS patch levels, etc....
> If you wanted to use the Patch vs Bundle System you would need to create
> your own Custom Patches.....I would just use Bundle Delivery...

If you are doing Dell machines with bundles I had to jump through a few
hoops to get it to work correctly. The main thing is once it is
installed do an immediate reboot. At one time I would do the install
and then wait for the user to shutdown for the day to initiate the
reboot. With the dell firmware it didn't always update if there was too
much time before the reboot.

I can export one of my bundles if you want it for a template or example.