We have not deployed the agent from ZCC in a while, as we are rolling out the 2017 agent with Windows 10 (so that our user base gets all the changes at one time). The installing of the agent from the packages available on <server>/zenworks-setup are working fine.

Today we received a request for the Zapp on a couple of windows 7 machines and when we go to Configuration | System Updates, select the checkbox for ZENworks 2017 Update 2a, the option to Deploy Update to Devices is grayed out. The only options available are check for updates, download update and delete update.

When I look at the Overview for this update, the Replication Status link for the update is disabled and there is nothing in the deployment history (even though I deployed this update to a handful of computers via this method about 6 months ago).

Both Primaries show 17.2 as the version (on the configuration page).
The agent version on a machine that had the agent update pushed out previously is

17.3a is an available option to download, but I have no intention of upgrading the system right now.

Looking at my test system, 17.2a is not even listed anymore.

Are we now having these updates shoved down our throat, forcing us to update every six months like with windows 10?