Now that GDPR is here, I got to think about IDM driver logs and files in general on the IDM Metadirectory server and the UA server.

Many IDM systems use social security numbers for different things, such as the onboarding process. These numbers are in the driver traces and sometimes also in the catalina.out log, when people have typed them in a workflow.

Is there any way of getting around this? I guess you could do the following:

1. Set driver trace to 0 on drivers that have this information. However this will make debugging on these drivers much harder
2. Delete catalina.out maybe once a day - I don't know how else to be sure it wont have it
3. On delimited text drivers you end out with .bak files - i guess you could periodically delete these - again debugging will be harder
4. What about supressing specific attributes in the driver trace? The engine does this automatically with passwords. Is there a way to suppress your own attributes?

Thanks in advance,