This one has me stumped.
New laptop with Win 10 (1803) setup identically to every other laptop.
OES Client 2 SP4 IR8.
OES 2015 server.

I was attempting to run an Autodesk Revit installation that had been
setup as a network deployment on one of my network drives. I've been
doing this for years. Suddenly this one PC failed with no obvious
error in the logs. Wierd thing is that none of the installs would
work (various Autodesk software and versions). I just created a new
network deployment on the server from this laptop for one version of
Revit. Then turned around and ran the installation routine and it
installed. And then I was able to go to the other installs and they
ran fine too. It makes no sense...especially when I compared the two
installs (my first one and the new one created from the laptop) and I
can find no difference between them. The rights within OES are
identical on the two install folder trees. I'm wondering if there is
some type of security and/or rights thing within Windows that might
have been changed when I created the deployment from the
that it sees the network drive differently now. Anyone know of
anything like that with Windows 10 and OES drives?

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