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Thread: Location of Security Event Log file

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    Location of Security Event Log file

    Greetings All,
    Not sure if anybody can help me with this one but I have been asked if I could get the location of the "Security.evtx" file "Security Event Log" on all our monitored servers. Some are saved in the default location and some are not. I have tried using "wevtutil gl Security | findstr logFileName:" but have no way of collecting the output. Can anybody help with this? Many thanks in advance for your help.


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    Re: Location of Security Event Log file


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    Re: Location of Security Event Log file

    Attached (if I did it right) is a KS which will generate an even and/or data point with the information. So providing you selected the "Colelct detail" option on the advanced tab you could run this as a job and then fetch the information using a query like:-

    dbo.DataHeader H
    inner join dbo.Data D
    on D.DataID = H.DataID
    H.HiddenLegend like 'Location of % event log'
    and D.Detailshort is not null
    order by
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    Re: Location of Security Event Log file

    Happy new year and many thanks for this script!!!!!! I will definitely test it out. What I ended up doing was using was
    1 - Use a RunDOS ks to run "wevtutil gl Security | findstr logFileName:" and dump that to a log file location.
    2 - Then run an ASCIILog file script to read what was in the dump files and collect data on that.
    3 - Use a SSRS report to display the data.

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