For legal reasons, we must exclude not only several whole mailboxes
(that part is easy), but also several internal and external email
addresses, both as sender and as recipient from being archived.

Aka, when archiving the regular Groupwise mailbox of UserX, we *must* by
law exclude all messages sent by this user to certain email addresses,
both external and internal.

We also need a way to exclude messages addressed to certain distribution
lists from being archived from the mailboxes of the members of the
distribution list, again, both ifrom internal and external senders, from
sender and receipient mailboxes. Aka if a mail originally was sent to
ListA, and that list has members UserA, UserB and UserC, we need an
exception that that message does not get archived by Retain (we're at
4.6) from those user mailboxes. If the message was sent by an internal
user, we also must not archive the sent item.

I tried to play with advanced criteria in the Job, but that doesn't do
it, mainly as it has a limit of maximum 6 criterias a job can have, and
that's not eneough for us (we need minimum twice as many), but also
because I was unable to make it act on our Distribution List scenario
above. There doesn't seem to be a way to exclude messages originally
sent to a distribution list that way.

Massimo Rosen
Micro Focus Knowledge Partner
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