We have been having this issue for a while, but figured it was just something with the 11.3 agent and would be resolved with a future update.

When a person is logging in and they receive the prompt that their password has expired but the mouse is no longer visible on the primary screen. If the person has dual monitors, the mouse is visible on the secondary screen (if they move the pointer over to it). If the person hits enter to get past the prompt, the change edirectory password window appears, but the mouse is still not visible. I have been able to find where the mouse pointer is by moving it around an taking note when the border of an inputbox gets darker.

A good portion of our user base do not know that you can use the tab key to move the cursor between the boxes and call our service desk whenever this happens, because the "mouse is not working".

This is occurring on Win10 with the 2017 U2 agent, as well as Win7 with 2017 U2, 11.3 (and probably 11.4).