On 29.10.2018 10:14, squadri wrote:
> Hello Dears,
> As we had to proceed with the installation of new GMS18 Servers due to
> the upgrade issues for the existing GMS2014 to GMS2018. Now, we need to
> add these new Servers to be configured for GWAVA GMS scanning.
> As we need to upgrade to secure messaging Gateway(SMG) sooner or later,
> can we deploy SMG besides the existing gwava 6.5 and use the SMG for new
> GMS18 servers and configure WASP as well on it??

Yes, that's exactly how you should proceed. SMG7 and Gwava6.5 have no
conenction to each other whatsoever, so can very happily and independant
of each other coexist.

Massimo Rosen
Micro Focus Knowledge Partner
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