On 11/2/2018 2:26 AM, wyldkao wrote:
> Hi All
> I install NFR 3.0.X and NFR 3.5.1 on Win2016...both version got a
> error message (Scan Processor Fail)..Even I manual start or reboot...it
> alway stop in one min.
> AnyOne had install NFR sucess on Windows 2016 ??
> Thanks!!
> wencheng


We've not seen any issues related to Windows 2016, and this issue does
not necessarily appear to be platform-related. A few things to check:

* Are you using the latest builds of File Reporter available through the
patch channel?
* Are you getting any more specific error text when the scan fails?
* Does your scanprocessor.log file include a more specific error for
this scan?

-- NFMS Support Team