New Teamworks 18.0.0 install (very small environment so this is an all-in-one appliance), trying to get it to do the online updating. Appliance is definitely registered. There are a number of patches listed when I select "Needed". I've stopped the Teamworks/Apache Services using the instructions from the "Updating to Teamworks 18.01" reference guide. Among the many (123) patches are the 18.01 Groupwise Teamworks-Appliance-Product.. and Groupwise Teamworks-Search-Appliance-Product patches. I select "Update now". I get a notice about the system needing a reboot, I click on OK. I get a progress bar flashing a couple of times, then it is back at the list of updates within, say in about 5 seconds. Nothing seems to be going on. I wait a bit more, just in case, then click Home. I can see on the Home page a red "reboot needed" flashing. So I reboot the appliance. When I log back in and check for installed updates, none are listed. All 123 updates still appear to be waiting to be applied.

So I've tried this a few times to no avail (definition of insanity here).

What am I missing?

Kind regards,