new install. ZCM 17.3.0 Deployment of the ZENworks Agent, we are having issues with Deployment to our windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 clients. The odd part of the problem if I have a list of 10 workstations. 1 to 2 of the client workstations will successfully deploy. The others fail with. “Error: An unexpected fatal exception occurred” If restart the deployment task with no changes, 1 or 2 more will be successful while the rest fail. I can repeat this cycle until all are successful.
So I realize I need to dig more to find more information, where and what logs names would be ones to start with? I do not find anything odd in workstations windows logs, I do sometimes see the successful user authentication, the user setup in the Credentials of the deployment task.

Please let me know if left off some needed information

Thank you,

Brian Hess
Director of Information Technology
SC Telco Federal Credit Union
Ph (864) 370 5980