I would recommend bookmarking the TID below.
It is sort of a Master TID on where to set and find logs.
I copied out the part about deployment.....though honestly I would not spend much time on individual devices unless there are widespread failures.

On the ZENWorks Server, the logs for this would be in the "Loader-Messages.log".
The ZENworks Primary Servers have 2 main services....
"ZENserver" which is what agents use to talk TO the server. This is the service agents use to work with the server in real time. (Also ZCC Functionality.)
"ZENLoader" handles background tasks, scheduled events.


Component Name: Deployment
Enable Debugging (self documenting xml file. Set to FINEST):
Windows server:
Linux server:
Restart loader service. (novell-zenworks-configure -c Start) will give you the option to restart.
Note: Modify the existing xml file. A file called "copy of discovery.xml" in the same directory will be used if it exists.

Log Location:
Windows server:
Linux server:
Windows Workstation:
ZDPASERV.EXE service logfile c:\RemoteSvc.log
event log viewer for preagent events
For linux servers that use Windows discovery/deployment proxy, additional logging will be in zmd-messages.log on the proxy device (set to debug).