Good afternoon,

We have recently updated from 4.x to 5.2. We have re-authorized all of our file servers and authorized the event server again. Our policies are currently setup as such:

We have 26 file servers, each file server has 5 folders on it. There is a policy for all five folders. We have a policy that then picks from the paths that we allow them to move to. This has worked in the past. New user joins the company, Storage Manager sees them, assigns them to a group in one of the random paths that is available, and then it applies their home folder.

Since the upgrade, we are unable to get this to work. Events are being triggered, but I cannot get it to add groups to the user and assign a home folder.

New User:
  • If the a new user is created, it will not assign them to a group, therefore a home folder will not get created
  • If I manually assign the user to an AD group, they will get a home folder created correctly
  • The error code that comes up when I don't manually assign them is as such “Action, Waiting for managed path to not be in use”

Moving Users:
In the past, we would move users by removing their group membership to the folder they are currently in and adding them to the AD group of the new folder we would like them to be in. Storage Manager would see this event, and then move their home folder accordingly
Now, we get an error message that is this, "1281 : Unable to calculate effective policy due to multiple equally weighted candidates."

Any help would be greatly appreciated!